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. . . . On a successful first test flight of the Orion Spacecraft.

The launch of the Orion spacecraft.

Down here in Houston, TX (Manned Spacecraft Center), they are happy to begin putting astronauts back in deep space on American rockets.  Now it's time to analyze the flight data collected today.

Upcoming test flights: Unmanned orbital test flight of the Moon, around 2018.

Then a manned orbital test flight of the Moon in 2021 (hopefully).

I'm still reading negative comments on internet from people spoiled by science fiction and the space shuttles. Well, to those people, this is not science fiction and the Orion spacecraft has better technology than the shuttles. Orion can go where the space shuttles could not. The technology seen in "Star Trek" and other Sci Fi, will not exist for 200 or 300+ years.

I only wish NASA could move faster, but we have a do nothing Congress to deal with. They will probably cut NASA's budget again. 

If only we could actually have the economics of "Star Trek". . . . .

. . . . .  just think about what we could do in space.

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