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I have been reading comments about this movie. Some people don't quite seem to get its premise and a few from the religious right, say it's not meant for the human race to save its self, by leaving the Earth. Well I have news for them. Man has been exploring the Earth and the universe, since we were kick out of Eden. Also, man is not going to get away from God, by leaving Earth. 

Silly Religious Right, go figure.   :-)

I will watch this movie, because I like to think about all of the possibilities.

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So, you liked watching "Magic Mike". What is with you women and Matthew McConaughey. . . I just don't get it.

Yeah, this looks good, can't wait to see it (espec. if the Relig Right doesn't like it ;).

I saw an article that said evryone that sees this movie either loves it or hates it. Well I saw it and leave it to me to be out of step (again): I neither loved it or hated it, thought it was so-so, 2 out of 4 stars. Btw, I think the best acting job McConaughey's ever done is a tie between We Are Marshall and Dallas Buyers Club.  I thought Anne Hathaway was good in Interstellar, tho.




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