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Just wondering.....what alternative activities would you focus on instead
if for some reason social networks were banned?

Have virtual communities impacted your life in a positive or negative way overall?
Paradoxically, being a cybernaut in virtual space both enriches me intellectually
and even emotionally, yet at the same time deprives of a very important aspect
of communication: the human touch.

Time and Space Touch

Through the magic of cyberspace we can meet people
and have them touch our hearts and souls
... But we miss the human touch.

To touch someone's heart,
is to make them laugh, to make them smile.

To touch someone's soul,
is to make them see things in ways they never have before.

The human touch is seen through our eyes,
The smile that we see, or don't see,
... in response to our words

The human touch is heard by our ears,
The tone of the words, the sounds of the laughter
... even the sounds of silence.

Where laughter turns to love,
and thoughts turn to feelings,
... Is the the crossroads.

The essence of being human,
The substance of being real.
... It comes down to the human touch.

1995 Tom P. aka Questy

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