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Yesterday, as I was approaching my car on the side street where I usually park it, I saw a teacher staring through the grilled fence which gated a small strip of dense trees. We started exchanging pleasantries and she told me how she climbed the fence the other day to rescue a dog whimpering on the other side. I was shocked because she is a petite lady and the fence is about 12 ft high and kinda barbed on top. I work in the Bronx in an area known for gang activities and where the pathway is littered with broken glass and trash. I asked her how the heck did she get the dog to the other side. I couldn't for the life of me imagine that lil lady climbing back up the fence with a dog in tow. She replied that she dug a hole from underneath the fence and pushed the dog out that way.

I admire her courage and her compassion in rescuing that animal. It takes a special person to do that. I told her so. She said she just loves animals and sadly, this wasn't the 1st case she encountered of a maltreated dog. Another such incident was last December. Someone tied the dog to a tree in the freezing cold and left it there to die. It always appalls me to hear of such cruelty--humans or animals.

Do you have any stories of unsung heroes?

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