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My daughter performing @ the Bishop Museum in Oahu

She dances hula professionally.

My sister skydiving off the coast of Oahu

my mom (age 71 in the photo).

I regret not being able to make it to the once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience,

I was teaching at the time and couldn't afford to take the week off since I was

new to the school.

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If it ain't crashing, I ain't jumping.
If it ain't crashing, I ain't jumping. LOL
and to think you work on an airstrip.
Should have said what is before posting, but this is Wilson Lake Michigan and a little to the right and up the photo a bit is where we dumped half of my parents ashes in July 07, the other half are all most 50 yards strait back from the shore on a hill side.
That looks like a very peaceful area. I live near an area which has a similar view. Are you allowed to go canoeing or kyacking (sp) in the water???
taken today 3/13/10 at Fairleigh Dickinson University. My kids were volunteers for the NJ Special Olympics

My daddy at our back porch last Fall. I really love the lighting and colors:

Your children are very beautiful...my daughter went sky diving on her 30th bday....after finishing she said to me....that she realizes there is nothing to be afraid of....that was the day my ex and I healed a broken relationship (had not spoken for many years, and now we are friends0 I hope to go one of these days...perhaps before I am 71...would love to do it in hawaii...:-)
Great pics Maricel.
Thanks Thallygal and Stillgoing. I took pictures yesterday during my cousin's wedding too. Yesterday was probably one of the most eventful days I had in the past few years. I woke up at 5:30 am got myself ready in 20 minutes and at 6 am yelled at my kids and their friends to get ready for the Special Olympics event. They were resistant of course having slept late in the wee hrs of the morning hence mumbling, grumbling, and cursing under their breath. I got them out of the front door by 7:40. We arrived at the site almost an hour later. because the weather was bad and worsened even later in the day, I register the dropped them at the Special Olympics site and leave to go to the shopping center knowing they will be there for at least 5 hrs. I get to Marshalls and after 5 minutes browsing through the clothing racks, my daughter calls me whining that she and her company are thirsty and that she has a headache ( I know she has her period because her bed yesterday morning resembled a murder site and she ruined my favorite Tommy Hillfigger bedsheets) I told her I just arrived at the shopping center and it is 15 minutes away. She whined and threatened even more so I turned off my cell phone. I tried on the 5 outfit I was holding then leave the store without buying anything,...drove back to the volunteer site bought gatorade and water from the wedding machine and took out an Aleve spare tablet and gave it to my son's friends to give it to my daughter and the rest. She was a scorekeeper so she couldn't leave her place.

We went home 5 hrs later and I told my kids to get ready for my cousin's wedding reception. We had already missed the actual wedding ceremony. Instead they both fell asleep on me for the next 2 hrs. I was sleepy myself so I let them sleep. At about 4:00 pm I tried waking them both and they did the same thing they did that morning-- mumble, grumble, and curse. SO, I took out the industrial fan from the basement brought it to the bedroom and turned it on faced it on my daughter since my son was already up albeit very groggy still. That got everyone moving- w more cursing.'

We left the house past 5. The wedding reception was in Long island one and a 1/2 hr away and commenced at 5:30 pm. I got on the Palisades Parkway South which looked like the scene in a disaster movie with so many fallen trees on the roadway. I lived in this area for almost 32 yrs. I have never seen Palisades Pkway looking the way it did yesterday. The northbound route was at a complete standstill. 7 cars were stuck trying to creep across the embankment to the other side. They are idiots....knowing it was really muddy and that the small valley between the north and southbound embankments was steep. After driving past them, I wondered to myself if I should just turn around and go home. The rain was torrential, there was flooding, and the wind kept blowing my car to the side.

We reached the reception area late and stressed, because during that storm I was having an argument w/my kids about their dad and their aunt who they are both estranged from. Yet at the reception all was forgotten and we had a nice time for about 3 hrs. I decided to leave early w.them knowing the weather was still murderous. Lo and Behold, a highway team blocked the entrance to the Throggs Neck bridge because of the flooding. I was almost stuck in the deep flood myself but I followed 3 cars that crossed over the pylon dividers and got onto the ramp to the bridge. While on the bridge, again I was reminded of a disaster movie. Water was spewing out like fountain sprays 4 feet into the air and the water was snaking around in a weird sorta dance. My son said to drive faster and get the hell outta there which I did. It felt like the bridge would collapse soon. Then I crossed another bridge to get to the Palisades Pkway again. The neighborhood, Fort Lee, on the other side was experiencing a blackout because the lights were out. Just great! I was praying everything was fine at our neighborhood. After dodging even more fallen trees on the northbound route and thinking the world is coming to an end because i have never seen my neighborhood in this state, we reached home. the lights were off. I took a shower and fell asleep promptly. My kids both beat me to it.
my kiddies @ my cousin's edding

Beautiful action shots LGT...Did you take them? Your daughter is pretty, but then again so is her mom. =-)




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