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I've been in a funk this past 2 weeks. I need a creative outlet to decompress. One great stress reliever for me is looking at flowers and listening to love songs...yes, I am the mushy type. A couple of days ago, I thought about a spring related word game to add to one of my sites:  Speak in using the language of flowers (see link below). It would be fun to decode what someone is trying to

The meaning behind flowers:

Here are a a few coded sentences that came to mind:

Sometimes I get fed up with Monkshood and search for Allspice and nurture my Abor Vitae instead.

I need thyme to find my Goldenrod.

Any apricot blossoms here seeking to give someone a gardenia? lol

BTW, what kind of flowers are on Pru's hat?  Inquiring minds wanna know.

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LoL, I see flowers on Pru's hat....or am I hallucinating :p
I see I misread so dumped that post.

Go not out when the moon is full, and wolf bane blooms at night.




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