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I could really kick myself sometimes. I didn't read my voice mail so I missed an urgent message from a friend who was inviting me to go w/her to the Channel 13 Teaching & Learning Celebration. Queen Noor and Queen Latifah were a few among the guest speakers for that event. I really admire both ladies so I ended up screeching at my friend for not  being vigilant in trying to reach me.

My friend went and she said Queen Noor gave an exceptional speech. The one thing that stuck in my mind during the conversation was a point that Queen Noor was trying to make: Our genome is over 99% alike, yet people tend to focus heavily on the less than 1% which makes us different from each other.

white, black, yellow, blue (Pandorian or W. Virginian), we still bleed the same color blood inside.

I wonder if a blind person (born that way) can be racist?

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