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I won't be here early morning, and it is past 1am in Michigan (where I am) and in NY (where Maricel is busy fighting weather) so I can officially wish Maricel a Happy Birthday.

Maricel--as I said in the little post below, take the day and make it yours.  Do whatever needs to be done to make the day as special as it can be for you.  It's your day so cop an attitude, young lady, and let 'er rip!

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Happy Birthday, beautiful lady
.. :)

happy birthday you beautiful wordsmith! ;D may it be full of love and fun. :D
hehehheh Thank you Animak, Kristit, cyndromeda and Ron,....you made my morning! Now, I'm off to school. I'll write more later.
Happy Birthday!

Mines next week.
Mines next week.....so does that make you an Aries?




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