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Do you sometimes feel a sense of disconnect w/reality or people? 

I think it is normal to have days when you feel "in a funk" sometimes. Yet, when those days turn to weeks, it gets a tad bit alarming. What may be the cause I wonder?  hormones out of whack (perimenopause), S.A.D,  need for change?  How do you snap yourself out of an ennui?

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There's plenty of folks that I feel a "disconnect" with. I'd think that everyone does. You can't agree with everybody about everything.

But if you're talking about an inability to connect with anybody about anything, for an extended period of time, that's a horse of a different color. That sounds more like a syndrome or disorder of some sort.

Could just be a case of the blues, too. My dad died in late February and I had to put one of my dogs down on Easter Sunday, so I'm not surprised that my recent attitude has been kinda morose. But I know that's just the kind of stuff that happens in life, and I expect things to improve, as they usually do.
OH MY GOSH, it's so great to see you both Steve n Snagg, at the same time too.....I was gonna say effin God but Lent just past. lol

I'm trying to be proactive about snapping myself out of my doldrum...You guys being here help. Thanks.

This weekend was one action packed weekend --school trip, college orientation ceremony and a big wedding to attend all within 48 hrs. I was on a roll so the next day, I invited my colleague to visit my neighborhood from across the bridge. We went to my local Springfest then I toured her around the riverfront towns in my area. She loved it and I enjoyed showing her around. I hosted a gathering for friends online (mainly from CA an Canada) about 7 or 8 yrs ago in the same area. They had a blast too. I miss that kind of connection. I've lost touch with people who are important to me and now that my two kids are teenagers 16 & 18 (shudders) and going off with friends, I suddenly feel alone. My colleague says thats what boyfriends are for. I don't know if I quite agree w.that. Why would you inflict your needy self onto someone else. If one can't be happy being by themselves, isn't it dangerous to seek others to fill a gap in your life?.....just a thought
You are brave to change career at this time, in this economy. My career still fulfills me so I'm staying put. What I am doing is being more proactive in getting in touch with friends, inviting some over for face to face interaction rather than just phone or web interaction. It has helped. It helps too that it is Spring and could get out more.

I just came out of a crap relationship, and I don’t intend to let that stop me from being available to the possibility of love again.

I'm not that brave in the romance dept., something I need to work on.

Phil, I hope you find the connection spark again. Winter can be very tiresome especially since the weather promotes isolation. Besides changing career, are you also changing your lifestyle?
I’m not changing my life-style, but my life is definitely changing.

Are you over your cold

Heck no, but the doctor told me it is severe allergies....while he was standing over an unconscious patient sprawled face down in his waiting room floor. He decided to examine me then and there in the waiting room while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

I took generic allergy medication at 4:30...it isn't helping much and I don't think I'll take it again...it feels like my heart is beating faster. I still look a mess....my students told me to stay home.

I also believe that the Lord will provide. I don't recall an instance in my life when He didn't provide to some degree.
I didn't ask about the probe body. I'm assuming since people weren't panicking and other patients were still calm in their seats, it was no big deal.

I'm probably allergic to pollen though I haven't had it this bad in years.
me and some folks were discussing the concept of perception.
Phil Collignon
Phil, I started a thread on perception in my other site on MyAtlantis. Please join us.
But..I feel a HUGE disconnect with music these days.

There are still "real" young musicians and artists out there in the shadow of the more popular rap culture. I have a very smart young student who always brings his guitar wherever he goes whether it be to class or on a trip. When he finds some free time, he starts strumming it. It's nice to see boys like him around.
Over in TBD Future group, there is MUCH discussion about the whole my/atlantis ning thing....MUCH discussion! Steven Macon

I am very partial to MyAtlantis. It has a good vibe and I know the creator is a decent person with a lot of emotional and even financial investment in the site. I can't say who it is outright because it is not my place to, but he did leave very revealing tracks in his html codings. Since I taught basic web design, the clues were fairly easy for me to find. I like the fact that he is active in the threads just like the rest of us and is also a moderator on TeeBeeDee. So, I hope you guys give MyAtlantis a chance. Don't forget to join my group Facing the Dragon.
Hi Maricel,

I have days that I feel like I am in a funk as well and I have found two good cures for this funk. One, I go to the gym and work out. This work out boosts my natural highs..called dopamine. Takes me right out of that funk. The second thing to get out of the funk, keep myself active. I will take my dog or go by myself on a hike plus I belong to Meetup.com they always have good activities going on.

Well...just some suggestions..take care my friend.




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