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I rarely listen to music.  I'm usually computer programming, listening to NPR, reading, or watching TV.  But when I sat down to listen to NPR tonight, I wasn't interested in what was on.  So I did something I haven't done in perhaps years.  I changed the radio station.  The first station I came to was a pop music channel.  I was immediately swept away in the pathos of the song that was playing.  I didn't know who was singing it, although I knew I had heard the song before.  I knew it was a teen pop song, and it felt embarrassing to be moved by a song that was written to appeal to teenage sensibilities.  But I was moved.  I didn't pay attention to the words.  It was the pathos.  It was like water coursing through a dry desert.  It was like being raised from the sleep of Rip Van Winkle.  It was like experiencing a different mode of being human: being moved and swept way in the pathos of a song.  

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it was the song by Taylor Swift.  OMG--and to think that it used to take tunes like Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.  How embarrassing!

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heheheheh Tim,
My son MADE ME watch that music video of Taylor Swift. It sorta grows on you.

If you want to be swept away by Pathos in writing, read my former buddy's blog--
He is an an original rambler from the 1st site when the group was created in 1999.
I have never encountered someone personally with his eloquence in writing.
Very nice, indeed. All the more impressive since English is not his first language. But most impressive for the man it shows him to be.
I was moved recently by ENYA's "Watermark"
Taylor Switft writes her own songs and have you listened to Romeo & Juliet? She puts us back in time.
These are really beautiful- Andrea Bocelli & Hayley Westenra -- Vivo Per Lei & Time to Say Goodbye
I can't embed, but here are the direct links




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