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Bits and pieces of sound advice....

Give it to me...I need some to pass on to my sons that I seem to have been remiss.

  1. "A parent's only as good
    as their dumbest kid. If one wins a Nobel Prize but the other gets
    robbed by a hooker, you failed."

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"you dont tug on supermans cape
you don't spit into the wind
don't pull the mask of that ol lone ranger
and you don't mess around with jim?
Don't pee on an electric fence.
"Until you turn 18, move out of the house and get a job, it's my house and I make the rules."
It takes a village to raise an idiot.

or? What is it? It takes a village to raise a child. Yes. That must be it.

I saw the Village Idiot at Target today. Look for him/her at your next shopping endeavor.
T'is better to have loved a short girl...
...than to have never loved a tall.

*Grandpa Jones*
Never give a woman a reason to not sleep with you...
Let them figure it out for themselves.
I wish I'd heard that one 45 years ago.
You can get *anywhere* in ten minutes if you drive fast enough.
Yeah, that's what I had heard. It seems like I always have to stop and get gas "somewhere", so it takes me a little longer.
Never drink downstream from the herd.
LOL! Yup, good advice!
When the light at the "end" of the tunnel turns out to be a train, it is too late to test the brakes.




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