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Just out of curiosity has any one of you ever won a big prize?

I've been doing "Publishers Clearing House" for several years now and I've never even won 10 bucks. 

But on the  30th of this month they will announce the winner of 1 millions dollars per year, every year for the rest of your life. How many of you are in on that? And if you won, how would you change your life?

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I won a pig after writing an essay on Why I would like to win a Sears-Roebuck pig when I was 9 years old. Got me started in the hog business till I gave the herd to my father in 1979.

so cool.  I mean seriously, is that cool or what?  Some people are raising a big stink (pun slipped in by itself) about some brothers starting a hog farm upstate.  Did everyone gripe about your hog business, or were you so far away from other neighbors that it didn't matter?

As to winning:  I've won a few things - $10 once, a grocery trip worth I forget how much, a few more.  Everyone I know does PCH and I'm no exception.  I expect to win.

Hey California, I'm gonna be the PCH big winner but don't worry, I'll be sharing. But what would you do if you won the big prize? How would your life change.

Back then growing up on the ranch nearest neighbor was over a mile away.  We had no complaints.


I used to enter Pub Clrh House all the time but now only enter sweeps for dvds & books (win a lot too).  But if I still did enter PCH & won?  I'd buy a vacation home over at the coast & see if I could talk Hubby into moving there full-time.  (Yeah, right; he says he'll have to be carried out of here feet-first, sigh.)

I won two dollars in an art contest when I was in the second grade.

When I was 13 or so, I won 5 quarts of motor oil in a raffle.  I wasn't too thrilled, but my Dad sure was!

I'm really lucky at winning prizes, not big prizes but things like a down vest and a huge bottle of wine (10 times bigger than a normal bottle) I gave it to my friend who was really trying to win it. I win things with local raffle tickets. I don't buy lotto tickets any more because the biggest prize I ever won was $125.00.

I'm blessed enough in life. I hope you do win and it makes your life happy.

When I met my wife I won the Lotto Of Love. Best prize ever!!!!!


My sis- in- law won a Hummer many years ago and the funny thing is , she is the most Eco-friendly person I have ever met. She ended up selling it.

I'm pretty lucky at winning stuff.  I win all the time (50.00 TO 100.00) ON 5.00 scratch offs. Won a bowling ball, belt buckle, tank of gas...nothing big but I'll take it!!




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