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Why has some of the groups like this one died down? This seems like it would be a fun place to hang out. What would it take to get people active again? Any thoughts?

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Having the most recent reply at the top would be a start. Going through 469 replies to find the most recent is rather daunting...the first replies to appear are from 2010.

Having the most recent reply at the top would be a start. Having to go through 469 replies to find the newest is rather daunting. The first reply seen is from 2010.

See my response on 10-29-20, MTwoman. It's really quite easy to go directly to the last reply in any Group/Discussion. ツ 

Yeah I don't know why they don't clear some of the replies out. I just go to the last page of all the replies and usually find the newest replies there. Or on the ones I've check it seems to be that way.

Being one of the original TBDers who has been here for all the iterations of TBD through the years, I like having the old responses there. Many are from old friends/acquaintances, some of whom have passed away, and I sometimes reread them. In the case of my own groups, some are responses by my own beloved. I see no reason to delete any of them. I like the continuity.

Also, it's very easy to find the newest reply. Here’s how:

1) When you click on a Group Name (whether from the page header or after clicking on the tab “Groups”), you will see a list of discussions under the heading “Discussion Forum.” Pick the discussion you’re interested in and under its blurb you will see the words “Last Reply” highlighted with a date and a name beside it. Click on “Last Reply” and you will go directly to the last reply posted on that discussion.

2) The exception is if you click on “Forum” from the page header. There you will click on either “Forum Discussions” or “Forum Games.” When you click on one you will see a list of “Discussions.” When you choose the one you want, to the right you’ll see the heading "Latest Activity." All you have to do is click on the hyperlink under that heading which will say "Reply by [name]," and it will take you directly to the most recent comment.

See, NP! 

being here for quite a while,i understand that.sometimes i read the older posts sometimes from my ol' friends who are no longer here in tbd or have passed.

Thanks, Flipper! 

Yeah, for us "Old Guard" the continuity of the discussions and the words of our old friends do matter. And it's not hurting anything to leave them there because it's easy to get to the newest reply.


seems you and i are the only ones in costume.

Haha! Yeah...my fangs are real but I had to Photoshop the glowing eyes. 

Happy Halloween, btw!

Happy Halloween to you ,spooky.

You too, Pennywise. Lol




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