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Who understands what is going on with the Federal Debt Ceiling?


I have no doubt that something needs to be done. But, it appears to me that the House budget proposal actually does nothing to reduce the Debt. What it does is reduce the amount of tax income that the richest part of the population contributes and drastically reduces the available health care for the middle class and poor. So, the rich will get to keep more of their money and the poor will die off.  It also cuts back on retirement benifits for government employees. Does this include cuts of benifits for members of congress?

Link above proposes to explain all this.


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Well, if the poor die off, debt will be reduced because they will not be collecting any type of government funded assistance...just what Tim Ryan proposes in his "Path to Prosperity" missive.

Can you say "Death Panel" Sarah Palin?


Does this include cuts of benifits for members of congress?

hahahahahahaha...o, you were serious.

I hear the sky is the limit.
It's always been the plan for the rich to keep more of their money and the middle class and poor die off.
The poor die off to make room for the middle class.

There will always be poor, pathetically  suffering.

There will just be more of it.

I will be selfish here...I just hope my debt ceiling has a limit. 

A nest egg would be nice but I'm certain there will be an unplanned end to that means too.

What I can not understand is how the Republicans can propose to cut benifits to the poor and give more tax breaks to the rich and the very people who will be hurt the most are supporting this plan?




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