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There are fragrancies for men and there are fragrancies for ladies....some expensive and some not. But who decides what men wear and what girls wear? Are they unterchangable? What's your favorite?....on yourself and on your SO?

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I just go with the natural fragrance of me.

Oh, I use deoderant for sure....the unscented variety.

As a young man, I felt compelled to douse myself with English Leather, Hai Karate and British Sterling, and maybe some others who's names I don't recall offhand.  No, I didn't wear them all at the same time.

Hard to say if they worked on the opposite sex....most guys did smell like a French whore back in those days.  Women seemed to dig us, I guess.

My dad liked Old Spice....I see that's still around.

Ladies always seemed to have more intuition about the scents to wear.  Thank goodness! 



Most people dont know how to use it...Your only supposed to use small dabs on the pulse points.. a hint so someone has to move closer to smell you... so.... if you work in a sweat factory I wouldn't use it at all.....The thing is...you want your date to get a little closer..not chase them away with a overwhelming smell of half the bottle that makes you sneeze & your eyes water.

As for me, I dont partake...I have to stay away from chemicals on my skin which could be harmful..so....rather than research perfume I dont partake in it. ......If you dont smoke you will also smell better....Not a lot of sense putting on perfume & having tar & nicotine come out through your pours....Yuk

I can't use perfume any more, it all makes me sneeze.  It makes George sneeze too.

I do use antiperspirant/deodorant and a lightly scented bath powder, that's all the scent I can stand.

Stir, my Dad used Old Spice too!  It reminds me of him.

I use it...in just the right places. My faves? Halston...Red...Spellbound.

I've been wearing Coco by Chanel for as long as I can remember. Men often comment on it ;-)

I'm actually known for it...


During the day, in summer, I wear something lighter. My currrent fave is Mademoiselle by Chanel.

Happy is nice too---citrusy and clean.


There's a perfume shop in Paris that makes a scent especially for you. They ask a number of questions and then mix fragrances based on your answers.


Quinn, Your reply reminded me of a book, actually more than one,  by tom Robbins. "Jitterbug Perfume".

Have you ever read anything by him? He writes the most off the wall books by anybody other than Pynchon that I can think of.


I bet Kooner has read Robbins. I can always imagine  her as one of his characters.
I've read all of his books---love them!

sheesh, Quinn, we seem more alike every day!

I wear Chanel, too - but Chance. It's the only perfume/cologne

that I wear. My guy loves it. 


And my favorite scent that he wears is Versace.

Is there anything that makes you smell like awesome primal power?

My Dad used Old Spice and after i went through all the other flavors of the month, I finally settled on it myself.

I like Chaps too, but it's sorta pricey....and I get compliments on the "All" Spice from the Blond Girl.

I only use deoderant. I think way back, I used Patchouli. Hmmmmm, acording to wiki, it is used in insect repellent.  


Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth; also patchouly or pachouli) is a species from the genus Pogostemon and a bushy herb of the mint family, with erect stems, reaching two or three feet (about 0.75 metre) in height and bearing small, pale pink-white flowers. The plant is native to tropical regions of Asia, and is now extensively cultivated in China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as West Africa.

The heavy and strong scent of patchouli has been used for centuries in perfumes, and more recently in incense, insect repellants, and alternative medicines. The word derives from the Tamil patchai (Tamil: பச்சை) (green), ellai (Tamil: இலை) (leaf).[1] In Assamese it is known as xukloti.


I just bought a new deoderant. I bought Old Spice "Figi" (supposed to smell like Palm Trees, Sunshine, and Freedom)  so I can smell like a man, Man. I rarely fall for TV ads, but thought I would gamble an extra buck to see if my Sweetie likes it.




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