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I pretty much stick to the Games. Q&A, and the Forum. Not so much into the groups, but I think I might be in the minority here, cause I see people I know online, but they aren't posting where I am. Do I need to get more involved in the groups? I have joined a few, but most of them seem to be pretty much deserted. Is this just me? Or am not looking for the right groups?

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I hang out at Moosies and wander by Stir's patio.


Thanks RRC, maybe I should try to expand my horizons.
I really don't hang out anywhere any more. Anybody know a place where there is a lot contention and angst?

Sorry Dude, I appreciate the input, but, contention and angst is the last thing I'm looking for. I'm come here to goof off, and have a few laughs. To each his own.


Part of that was written tongue in cheek:) I do miss the good ole daze though.
Q & A, and Forum.....I guess I'm kind of a "two trick pony".  Not much going on at Stir's Patio lately, but RRC is one of the stalwarts there, and for that, I thank her.
Same as you--Q&A, Forum, Games.
I belong to some groups that were pretty lively when they started, but they seem to have died down...

And, all those people? I think many of them just come to lurk...

Moosie's Crossing Refugees, Q&A, Forum, Stir's Patio, AND (DRUM ROLL)


"We The People"

The last one for when I need to stir up my blood.

Oh Yeh, I've seen Quinn in there.

Moosie's, Q&A, the Forum, and a little shy, but lurks in Cyber Patio . .


Looks like I'm following Robbie around, doesn't it?

Something you want to tell us, Cat?
Haven't been to WTF, er, WTP lately, I actually revoked my membership. There's a fine line between stupid and insane and it was getting to be a little too much for me...




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