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Food combinations that is. I found out last night that not everyone has heard of pouring a small bag of salted peanuts into a "Big Orange" drink from back in the day. That was a real treat when I was in high school. We had vending machines in my little high school and sometimes peanuts in a Big Orange was dinner......or lunch depending on where you're from.

What other weird food combinations turn you on? I once knew a guy who poured chocolate syrup on his hambuger.

pop corn and mustard?   peanut butter and mayo sandwich?


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I eat American cheese and grape jelly on white bread. Some people wrinkle their noses at that.
Bologna and potato chips with mustard on white bread is another fave...
Yep, you got a nose wrinkle with the cheese and grape jelly....:=)
Try it, you'll love it!
Maybe ;-)
okay, Quinn, and you talk about SOUTHERN FOOD?!?!?! We're most definitely even. ;-p

Bob, in Alabama, where I grew up, it was peanuts in a glass bottle of Coca-Cola for the generation or so above me. That trend was past by the time I was coming up.

Me...... I like buttermilk poured over a bowl of crumbled cornbread, w/salt & pepper.

And of course, as you know, Quinn- Waffle House hash browns, scattered, smothered & covered. '-)
My Daddy did the buttermilk over cornbread thing...
I'm sorry to hear that...
mmm mm mmm... that's some good eatin,' Bob.
I never did aquire a taste for buttermilk. It's ok in recipes as in buttermilk bisquits, which i can make some damn good ones if i do say so. And I say ....SO.
My parents used to like peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
I like bologna, or Baloney, soaked in hot sauce and then fried and served on a bun with or without cheeze.
I like fried bologna sandwiches too, but put ketchup on bologna after frying.




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