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Alarm Clocks?


Pay Phones?


Wrist Watches?

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I'm feeling depressed.....I like some of the "old" stuff.

Pen and paper.   Scented love letters. 

Typewriters...love the sound of the key striking the paper..

Old style ring of a real telephone.  The feel of a real old phone in my hand and that I can lay it against my ear without getting a neck ache.

I miss old phones too. When  you're mad at someone you can't slam the receiver down...


I hope that newspapers and books never become obsolete :(

One plus side to the typewriter becoming obsolete. People do not use the small "l" for a one or the letter "O" as a zero anymore. Years ago I ran across there error frequently as I helped train people to use the computer at work.
I'm not gonna try to kid anybody....I'm really obsolete in the workplace.   My boss hasn't figured that out yet, tho, and I'm not gonna tell her!
Percolators....as a kid I remember smelling the coffee and hearing it gurgling as it perked.
Record players. I love the sound of the needle the vinyl. The little crackling sounds. My folks got me one for Christmas so I am getting a kick out of listening to my Big Band stuff.
I love 'em too, Jack.....that crackle.   I have over 150 different Stones vinyl LPs.
Thank God and eBay!
Kodachrome film.....nothing, not even digital can replace it.
WALKMANS Pictures, Images and PhotosOLD WALKMANS
The "Top of the line" computer you bought a year ago.
Hee hee.....How true.....




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