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Tell me about the interesting, weird or  usual stuff you have  found in the depths of the inner workings of your favorite sofa/divan/couch.

I'm sure there has been some mighty strange and amusing treasures discovered when you were finally brave enough to reach down deep...!

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For myself, I have found enough quarters to fill my wallet....pens, of course....a gazillion kleenex, courtesy of my dear MIL who was never without one since she took all of mine and lost them in my chair, some very strange looking thing that once was probably edible....
I found a twenty-foot-long, fully coiled bullwhip in a couch that I picked up at a garage sale.

(You thought I was gonna say "a twenty-foot-long, fully coiled snake", didn't ya?)
Fruit Loops, change, dog kibble, crayons, one latex glove, and peperoni. That was just under one cushion... I'm afraid to look in the other end where my 27 year old stepson usually sits ........
I once found a hamster that gone missing for days.....it wasn't breathing..
Did you perform CPR ?
Nope....just a paper towel and a quick run to the garden....yuck...I was baking brownies at the time and thought they smelled a bit strange....Didn't tell the kids...
The dead hamster reminded me of this:

My stepdaughter was in 2nd grade and the teacher gave her 2 gerbils at the end of the school year. We bought the plastic cage with wheels and mazes and castles, they had it better than we did. We had just bought a carpet shampoo machine, it was the first really nice day of spring and I had the day off. I moved all the furniture from the living room onto the lawn, including the gerbils. They'd been cooped up in a classroom all winter and I knew they'd enjoy the sunshine. After I finished a few hours later I went to retreive the gerbils and they were flat on their backs, legs sticking up in the air, fur all wet and matted. I baked them.

I had a really hard time breaking it to my daughter, she took it well, she said we'll just get new ones.
Did you ever see the movie "Garden State"? They had a hampster cemetery.
I don't remember fnding anything more weird than my son on or in my couch.
OK, I just checked........I found lint, pieces of (presumably) kitty litter, pieces of popcorn, and a couple of pieces of a toothpick. I might clean that out one of these days, when I have time.
It's the first place I look for the remote control :)
I ain't stickin my hand in there to find out!!!!




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