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Pants, jacket, shirt?  I have .81 and a  grocery receipt in my hoodie and my wallet in my back pocket. What are you packin'?

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lint in the other pocket too.

A piece of plastic.

I'm always picking up plastic that my dog has chewed on...

in bed wearing no.... pockets.


...thought I'd leave a little something w/my *bump* '-)

Business card case, tape measure, pens, paperclips.


All cozy in my sweats and thermal henley. Not a thing in me pockets. That's funny what you say about Lucy, Quinn. One of my Mothers cats, BabyBoy, chases plastic bottle lids. Fetches really.

I did the same thing Dot...I just never told them.  I once found a $100 bill in the pocket of my husbands' suit coat....:-)

One the same hand...I once found a $100 bill in an not so recently used purse of MINE!!   Of course, it was still mine.  :-)

Plastic bag. Dog tag.
*bump along..*




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