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 Vine Ripe Tomato!

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Brussel sprouts...I'm kinda roundish and wizened looking, although not green.
Cabbage patch kid.
Georgia Peach

or better yet.... Princess Peach, riding Ducatim... riding a motorcycle.

Nothin better than a juicy peach.
The Allman's even paid tribute by naming an album "Eat a Peach"!
Did I go to sleep and wake up in a diferent universe?? when did peaches cross the line into the vegetable kingdom? And, I think I'm going to have to rethink my opinion of cucumbers.
Well, if you want to nitpick, a tomato or an eggplant is really a fruit as well. So's squash or peppers. Dg can't help it if she is so sweet.


PS I cheated, too - I'm really a grain.
And it's usually me.

oh, cr@p, I am getting more blonde by the day!! ;-p

thanks, Chez, for trying to soften my blondeness!! xox




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