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I've been trying to figure out where everyone went after TBD1 and why even those who signed in here don't check in any more.  I know sites like EONS and some others, notably FB, have caught their interest and held it. Why?


Can anyone tell me what is better about FB than here?  I know the format here isn't user-friendly like TBD1 but come on! FB doesn't look any more convivial to me. So why did they stay there instead of here?  I just don't get it. Enlighten me.

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For a little closer view...


Just some interesting goings on....Maybe I am feeding the drama but....

*putting on flak jacket....sock it to me....*
Wow...some diatribe...
My computer won't let me access the link...maybe it's for the best :-)
Jaylee......you'll get letters and post cards....;-D
I'm a pill...I know...;-)




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