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I've been trying to figure out where everyone went after TBD1 and why even those who signed in here don't check in any more.  I know sites like EONS and some others, notably FB, have caught their interest and held it. Why?


Can anyone tell me what is better about FB than here?  I know the format here isn't user-friendly like TBD1 but come on! FB doesn't look any more convivial to me. So why did they stay there instead of here?  I just don't get it. Enlighten me.

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It seems to me that most sites have a very high percentage of phantom members....those who sign up, took a look around, and never come back, and never resign either. I think that about 80-90% of the TBD1 members never came to TBD2.
I think you're right, Gary, but for those who did come and play occasionally, how can we draw them back? I know you liked your FB games and stuff. Is it really that much easier to interact with friends over there?

For the new members, how can we make them feel welcome and involved? Sometimes I wonder if from the outside we look like a pretty closed circle.
Its hard to compare TBD to FB....on FB, I'm maintaining ongoing contact with family members, old classmates, old RL friends, and co workers both past and present. Most of these folks don't fit the demographics of TBD. I still play YoVille on FB, but actually, that is just a few minutes on a normal day.

My long time RL friend Nake was intrigued enough by TBD2 to join up, but he is completly inactive. He likes FB. He's in quick touch with the same type of people I've listed above.
Chez, how can we draw them back? Good question. I've tried and tried again. They come back, but only for a few posts and they're gone again for months.

What was it that TBD had that drew folks in? The games threads were always popular, the Welcome Lounge, Q&A, the Forum, of course the sex groups. We still have all that. People say they want to be in touch, so where are they? I'm guilty of playing around on Facebook, mostly because I got hooked on the games. But I've always said that I'm somewhat uncomfortable posting on Facebook like I do here. My FAMILY is all there, my kids' friends, etc. I feel that the whole world is watching what I say there.

In The Daily Grind, we had some real fun times, got a little crazy, developed very close friendships, etc. That's the kind of interaction I'm interested in. So many say they miss it, but WHERE are they? I've said before, someone will have to carry me out of here because I'm not going anywhere. Too many good people here. Is it me?
I think TBD1 and FB fill two different needs for me and maybe many others. TBD1 was a place where I could let my hair down, have fun and also have deeper discussions on topics that held my interest. I was able to do this all anonymously and share with others my identity only "after" developing a trust with them.

On FB my real life is also there and with that the expectations I and others have on me for everyday life.

The big thing between TBD1 and now is with a smaller group it is more difficult to become part of the "in crowd". With TBD1 there was enough of us that there were many "in crowds" and if we didn't find one welcoming enough, we were able to create our own with other newbies we had met in the welcome lounge :-)
I think you have a good point there. I hate the 'in crowd' thing, but it's true that we are drawn to some people and not to others. I have friends who don't much like each other, but I like both of them for different reasons. I can't really fit into much of a definable 'crowd', though lately 'TBD survivors' comes back to mind, since so few of us are active in the non-group spaces.

I think that as senior members of this social network, it is up to us to do the welcoming when someone arrives. Whether they stay may depend upon that welcome. Aggie is a dear, he always says hello to newcomers. I'm ashamed to say that I don't always do that. Maybe we need a welcome committee, or that could be a function of the Mods, or something. What think you?

I think of that because for years I volunteered with a welcome organization here and I saw the difference it made when new arrivals were able to find their marks thanks to us.
Hi, Janne!! ((((((Big Hug!))))))

I think Chez is wondering the same thing I've wondered.... how did we lose so many active members in the move from the original tbd to tbd on Ning? And how do we get them back, and attract more newcomers as well?
I've wondered that a lot and don't have the answer. Was the participation & activity there in a bell curve that's downside coincided w/the move? Besides fb, which as we've all said here is very different from tbd, I don't know where they could've gone to continue having an o/l social network to call home - I've looked as tbd on Ning has waned, and I can't find anything like what we have. I LOVED The Daily Grind in my early days. It was so active & offered such fun camaraderie. I've been trying to resurrect it, but I can't spend big blocks of time there, and it still seems on life support. I don't know the answer & it confounds me, b/c I feel certain that there are TONS of folks out there like us who would enjoy a site like this.
Curious d's girl . . . what changed your mind about the Daily Grind? You LOVED it in your early days. What changed? Maybe that's a little clue as to why others have left the DG, as well as TBD.
Hi, Cat! It's so good to be seeing you & Janne & others!
Regarding your question... I became inactive in The Daily Grind for reasons unrelated to any change there or dissatisfaction. It was when I returned several months later - to the DG here at tbd on Ning - a few months ago that it had changed so much. The activity was significantly less - the banter seemed to be gone. And one of the main things I missed was the real time interactions w/several people at a time. That seemed to create a lot of the chemistry & 'mmph' of the DG. The format in the Forum & Q&A groups is different, as it's usually post & leave, but there was a real time element in the DG that was magnetic, where we were interacting like in a chatroom, in real time. I'm not sure I'm being very articulate here - do you get what I mean?
Yes, I do get it. . . unfortunately. Sad.
Well, I'm sensing some new energy among us regarding giving our beloved tbd a boost to become vibrant again & I'm really happy about that! I also see efforts to save the DG, so hopefully we can all give it some attention & see if it can regain its pizzazz. There are a couple threads around here right now, like Robbie's "How is your morning so far?" that is exactly the kind of interactions we once had in the Grind... I'm going to ask that the folks who contribute there make an attempt to shift that kind of conversation over to the Grind. That kind of thread is what I'd intended to start in the Forum, to try & get that kind of connection w/folks here, until I decided to see if the Grind was "saveable."
Actually, in a way, DG, you have hit on a big part of the problem...at least for me. We all got used to the easy format of TBDv1. It was easy to post there on a real time basis...more like sitting around a table and talking IRL. Here, if you type in a comment to a post there is no telling where it will wind up. That's why I quit playing the word games here....to hard to keep it sequential.
That being said, I like it here much better than FB. I have a page there and I post some, but it seems that it is more of a glorified "Twitter' site. Lots of total nonsense and way too many games. I spend as much time "hiding" those silly apps as i do posting.
FRom what I can see on "Water World" it's set up the same as here.....just different leaders and cliches. There were cliches on v1 as well....several there that absolutely thought the sun rose and set in their asses. Thank goodness most of the real bad ones don't show up around here.
Really, I think a change in format might help......but that may not be possible.
Ok....I'm through now...may have stepped on a toe or two...but I tend to do that every now and then.




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