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Guys love catalogues???
Sex sells ... it's really not a secret but it is to what she owes her success .
Shhhh, Jack, Don't let on or she may quit sending us those catalogues.
oh ya, zzzzzzip
wink, wink
Victoria's "Secret" is that just because a woman buys their product, it doesn't mean that the woman will look like the Victoria's Secret models.
Exactly Snagg!

I thought there were many Victoria secrets: lots of underwiring, foam and latex. And wings.
That she won't hesitate to have her security personnel chase you away from the entrance of her store if you are standing there in a John Deere cap snapping pictures with your cell phone camera.

Follow the money.

i thought the question was "what do you think of victoria's secret?' and my reply was going to be someone a lot skinnier than me.  

i know,but i can't tell anyone.it's a secret.




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