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Just an extension of the first  discussion. Besides your character and your morals what you collect over a lifetime also can define you. What have you collected.....music, books, art, furniture...even your clothes can in some ways define a person.

I used to collect knives and belt buckles and belly button lint. A few of the knives and buckles I am sharing with ya'll.

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What defines me? I have always loved reading, always had a book in my hand from the time I learned how to read. I collect books, music, aquamarine jewelry, and movies.
I dress casually now that I'm retired, but still make an effort to look good.
Oftentimes it takes the loss of a lifetime of aquisitions to appreciate how those material things shaped your life. It's sometimes odd what we choose to hold onto whaen we are forced to make quick choices. Mayhap it's then we find out who we really are..........
I'm probably defined by my lack of collections. I collect nothing. My clothes are boring, my car is boring. sigh
Larry, you have been to my house.
Everything you saw is mine, my darling TSD just came with what is in his bedroom.
How would you define me, and better still, how would you define us, knowing us as you do now?

I read. That is the only way I can define myself. It's the summation of what I am. A reader. I define myself by what I read, what I have read, what I will read.

In the end, it's only my imagination that I take with me, and the imagination of others, and what they have created that I've enjoyed, and that I've incorporated into my life. Not things, but the ideas about things and ideas to me, that is what matters. Creativity. Imagination. Knowledge.

All else are but trappings to warm, feed and entertain the body bag of water and keep 'it" alive.
I didn't make it to the bedrooms Diana. My first impression was of the table setting, simple, warm and elegant. Your meager possessions from your visits around the world were colorful and awe inspiring. One could spend weeks perusing your music and books. Your home defines 2 people who are 'down to earth' with an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles.

And this from someone who normally isn't very observant.
Thanks Larry - funny but those meager possessions had been edited down and down so I could ship them to Raleigh from Toronto and it still cost me 5000 at 1.00 a pound not counting all the boxes!
It was the books. Books are heavy. I've been thinking about this question today, and I feel defined by my collection of art and my books (and music). TSD helped me create the environment we live in, very easily and happily, and now he is deeply immersed in reading, he calls my library a gift, and it gives me profound joy to see him examine the bookshelves, pull off a book or two and trot off with them to read as though they were jewels of enormous price. He did not have my advantages growing up, but as I'm wont to tell him, it's better having them now - because he can appreciate it more. Things of quality have no fear of time. My parents taught me this.
Here.....a lifetime achievement.....

I will never win any awards for housekeeping but I am awfully fond of animals.....

In all seriousness I have had many collections in my life....each was appropriate during it's time of interest:
In grade school: bugs, rocks, Troll dolls (which I still have).
Junior High: not much.....But I did start a serious picture album collection.
High School: Even less...
In years to follow I did on occasion collect china tea cups.....lovely little dust collectors. I've collected a few husbands along the way....not much to brag about.
Lately since 'the fire' I have realized that collecting material substance really has little value. When I'm gone I would like to be remembered in the heart not the teacup of someone that knew me...but then again, if I'm recalled by someone when they are having a good cup of English tea so be it..
You will be remembered....
You collect dust bunnies and boots, right??? You need one more to make 3 pair....;-D

Okay......I'm done... NOT!!!
I'm very proud of the lack of miles my vacuum has.....
Good perspective, Jaylee.

I only had one troll doll, but it had a dress and love beads.

Books and notes. The books are more visible.
I have a small hat collection, not to be confused with a collection of small hats. None are as grand as that blue one, Pru.
Maybe we can bring back hat week.
I'd LOVE hat week....too bad I don't look so good in a hat but I love to think I could....;-)
I also love shoes...have bad feet so I can't wear what I want but I love to look....the wrinkle thing...I wear them just fine.....crap....:-]
Art is a whole 'nother thread....!




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