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We have had a thread about things that we no longer can or will do. Now I think it's time to talk about what we still can/will do

Let's see.

I can still eat an ice cream cone without getting it all over my shirt.  If I have enough napkins that is.

I can drive a motor home towing a car.  I can ride a bicycle. I can drive a go cart.  I can water ski. I can still hit 20 or more clay pigeons in a round of skeet.  I can drink a six pack of beer without peeing myself. I can tell stories that make people laugh. I can play golf. I can appreciate Stir's blog.

Happy says I can still walk the dog.


What can you still do?

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Last year at age 56 I could still do the same things I did at ages 25+ when I went commercial fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska; it just took me a lot longer and I was more winded. The lifting was most of it. I was fairly powerful as a young man but I think when it comes to power lifting, such is better left to the young men!
Can and am and will continue to learn new things.  Although some days I really have to look for the motivation and patience.

I can still touch my palms to the ground without bending my knees.

Load my kayak on top of the car by myself, and get in and out of my kayak without falling out of the boat (*knocks on wood*).

I can still make the best Kahlua cake.


I just can't remember anything else.


You go girl.......

I can take brisk walks.  I can ride my bicycle for several miles.  Both of these activities take me a while to get up to speed with, after vegging through a long, inactive winter.

I can be appreciated in the workplace.  After a year and a half of forced retirement, I was hired, on a part time basis, by a thirty three year old boss.  She solicts (and heeds) my job advice often.  As for my production, I do well....I prioratize and execute better than when I was younger.  I don't make anywhere near the money I used to make, but I enjoy my co-workers and the work atmosphere.


Appreciation is a wonderful thing :-)
If I put my mind to it, I bet I could still play a mean round of golf... But I don't want to test that theory, I'd just rather leave that to my imagination... :)
I can still open a jar with a tight lid
I can still sleep through the night
I can still swim in the ocean
I can still ride a bike
I can still fall in love

I still walk 2 miles a day. 

I still laugh every day and find something to be grateful for.

I still learn new things every day.



I can still know when to leave a site and get some things done around the house...later guys :-)

There are some impressive lists here.

Touch your palms to the ground without bending your knees???? Wow! I never could do that.

Although. that did bring back a memory. I had polio when I was 15. I was in the Hospital Aug. Sept. and Oct. Got out on my birthday. They gave us a test in physical therapy before we were released. One of the things we were told to do was kiss our knees sitting on the gurney with our legs straight out in front. I don't think I could do that before I went in the hospital, but I sure as hell did it that day. I was motivated to go home.

Now I'm going to follow Quinn's lead. I ned to clean the RV and do laundry.


*nope can't kiss my knees when my legs are straight out*  I had to try.




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