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Last night I actually felt the lump .....It was about 4:00 in the morning & it's not all that small either.....It felt about pea sized, maybe bigger. After the extra mamogram & ultra sound I had Thursday they said I needed a biopsy..They dont explain a thing & handed me my walking papers till I go back for the exam....I didnt walk of course..nosy me wants to know if the exam will be like asperating a cist which I had done before...The nurse said no....This is a solid mass.

Last night I looked it up of course, being the nosy person I am.

One article said  liquid mass...most likey not Cancer, solid mass, most likely Cancer.

This morning my stomach is wheezy, queasy, & I feel the fear setting in.

I'm not sure where this is leading except I suppose I needed to get it out.

I am not expecting very many people to respond as I feel many people are attempting to cold shoulder me out of TBD, but I'm taking a chance maybe I am wrong about that & people do care enough to wish me well...I'm being a big baby I know & some may think "Why should we care?"....

Thats a good question.....I'm not sure except I hope humanity is stronger than hate.

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Hang in there, Casey.   I hope it's benign for you.


One of my sisters caught a lump early and is doing well at the moment.  Keep us posted. 


And there's not a thing wrong with researching everything you can.  That's what my sister did. 

Thanks Ubu, Robbie.....Hey Ubu..You should come to Blast It...Ya..I'm advertising...:)

Remember - The Breast is where Hope Springs Eternal...

Sending good thoughts your way....my Mom is a survivor..she had surgery, chemo and radiation and all is well. What this should remind us all that we need to get those mammograms and do our self exams. 

Keep us posted on how everything goes.

I get a momo every year..It's the self exams I fall short on......I can't remember the last time I checked, but I think it was only about a month ago..I must have missed it......You cant do them half hartedly.....You have to be through ladies....Thanks for reminding us Ruby.....Thanks Snagg..I never thought of it like that...




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