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What's the tackiest souvenir you've ever bought?


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Well, that's a hard question to answer....by nature, I'm pretty tacky myself, so I would need to step outside of me and look back in to make the determinaton.

When I lived in Florida, I once bought (and displayed on my front bumper) a license plate that said "Get your (heart icon) in Dixie, or get your (drawing of the rear end of donkey) out".  That seems fairly tacky, as I think back on it.

I guess tacky is in the eyes of the beholder. I have many different versions of this t-shirt. There are only two locations left to my knowledge. Destin FL. (the original bar) and Key West (been in that one more times than any other)

But I have been in a Hogs Breath Saloon in Walton Beach FL. two New Orleans LA, and one in Cancun MX.

The one in Cancun stands out because we went there for X-Mas. NOBODY goes to Cancun for X-Mas. The town was pretty much deserted, and we had the run of the place. I ended up behind the bar with the owner and his pit bull doing shots of Jose Cuervo. Gold. (no the dog wasn't drinking)


Thanks, Tee, for clarifying that:  the dog wasn't drinking.  And thanks, Mrs. Moody, for making me notice every misplaced modifier.  Apparently, Tee and I had some good English teachers.

I went to Williamsburg and bought a wreath that looked really cool down there with all those other colonial looking things, but when I got it back to the house, it just looked ridiculously large and out of place.  It got even worse once the fruit and stuff started falling off of it.

Aggie tax shelter

Dare I ask?

^^^^that's seriously creepy.....!

(intro image)

I once gave a young lady a 1850's style broom around Mother's Day.

OK, I was hoping this thread would just fade away so i wouldn't have to do this. I'm pretty sure this is tackier than anything else posted so far. A sea shell and pink flamingo lamp. And yes, there is pink bulb to light up the shell.

"LOVE" this!!!  Can I have it?   When my son was little I bought him an alligator claw  back scratcher!  Then a shark fetus in a jar followed by a scorpion Bollo tie.  Cool stuff!   When I was little it was rabbit foot key chains and rabbit pelts!

Sorry Jaylee, my wife won't part with this. She has a thing for flamingos. About a month ago, I was at the flea market and saw one of these but abut twice the size. 2 large shells, (both w/lights), lots of smaller shells, and I think there were 4 or 5 flamingos. I didn't buy it (I had no idea where to put it) but when I told my wife about it she was kinda bummed out that I didn't get it. 

Maybe I could send you a lighted flamingo. She has 3 but we haven't figured out where to put the 3rd one just yet.




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