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Just wondering what you all think of the supreme court ruling that strip searches and cavity searches are ok for anyone arrested, even if its for an old unpaid traffic ticket. The case being cited is from a man who was mistakenly arrested for an old traffic warrant (that turned out to be not his) but was  held for a week and strip seached twice during that time before the mistake was discovered.

Do you think this reasonable or not?

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I'm quite certain that these recent moves - Strip searches for the slightest offense, intrauterine wands, pepper-spraying teenagers as they sit quietly - Are intentional punitive actions, designed to intimidate and cow those who oppose the Right's conviction that they are God's Appointed Rulers of The Divine American Holy Land, Ltd. Deliberately provocative, trying to incite physical violence against law enforcement figures to justify a further crackdown.

Shit. I'm starting to sound like Tool here.

Please don't think ill of me snagg but by the time I was 18 I was more than ready to do physical battle with anyone who tried to tell me what I could or could not do. I have always been a right and wrong kind of guy and it is a very bad idea to try to tell me to follow  anyone's rules if they don't make sense to my very basic, common sense, value system. Even now, at this age of 60, the companies I deal with know, "don't fuk with michael unless you have backup."




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