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Just go see "Sex and the City 2". You may be the only guy in the theater.

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I apologize for the tag. It's a typo meant to say meet market.
Wouldn't they be the high maintenance, consumed by drama, type women, Lar?

Just wonderin'?
There are other types?
Of course Pru is the exception.
No big green boots for me!!!
Frankly, I'd rather have root canal without anesthetic
Me too Nick, sitting through that movie would be a very painful experience.
Thought you were going to tell us you did sit through it, Larry. Accompanied by Kittycat, of course.
Nice to see you looking after the guys here.
Not for me.....silly, superfluous, vapid women....Hot, silly, superfluous men not sure about the vapid part though.
Won't pay to see it but HBO might beg to differ during some billing cycle in the future.
Enjoy it when it gets to HBO Jaylee.




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