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   walk down any street in any good sized city and say "hello" to someone. Immediate response is fear of you. Why do you suppose that is? 

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"The times they are a`changin`"  People think that they no longer have the time for social pleasantries,  time was people would stop and chat but now it`s all rush here, all rush there.

Thomas, I wonder if we will soon never have personal conversation except in our own household.  What will we be missing if that is the case?

When we cut ourselves from all outside contact it`s like inbreeding we miss so much variety, so much news, so much human interaction, so much joy.

I just say, Howdy!

A young lady was waiting for her flight at a boarding room of a big airport.
Her flight was delayed and she would have to wait for many hours. She purchased a book and a package of cookies and sat down in a chair to spend the time. Beside her was an empty chair where the package of cookies lay and a man was sitting in the next chair reading a magazine.
She took a cookie and the man took one as well! She was irritated by said nothing and continued to read. But thought to herself, “Whoa, he’s got nerve!” For each cookie she took, the man took one as well. She was infuriated but did not wish to make a scene in the crowded airport.
When only one cookie remained, she thought I wondered what this rude man will do. As if reading her mind, the man picked up the cookie broke it in half and handed it to her without looking up.
That was it; she got up, gathered her things and stormed off.
Later after she boarded her plane, she reached into her purse to get her glasses and she pulled out a packet of cookies….she suddenly remembered that she had placed HER cookies in her purse. And the man she considered so rude, was sharing his cookies with her with out anger, just pure kindness.
She felt so ashamed and there was no way to make the proper amends.

There are 4 things you can never recover:

The stone…after the throw.
The word…after it’s said.
The occasion…after the loss.
The time…after it is gone…

I agree; people don't seem to want to socialize at all anymore, even in smaller cities and towns.  And of course, there have always been the towns that were so small that they distrusted "outsiders" (like I heard said once, "Living in a small town is only good if you were born there.").  But it does seem as if people would rather do their all their socializing (if you can call it that) on Facebook.  Someone who works at a recreation ctr. here in our town told me that she'd never seen such a lack of interest in any of their programs as here in recent years.  She said it's partially due to the poor economy but she also blames the internet; she said when talking to a woman she knew who she thought would be really interested in one of the classes or events at the center--a woman who she said has plenty of time due to being retired, who can still drive just fine, has plenty of $$ so the fee would be no problem--the woman told her that she wasn't interested becuz "it's so much easier to just stay home & have all my fun and do all my socializing on Facebook; that's the only way I can communicate with my grandkids anyway."  The internet does have its uses and I adore this site; but I think having face-to-face contact with others is very important.  Don't think many others agree with me, tho, especially young people; I got a computer products catalog in the mail the other day and there was a pic of a young man wearing a tee-shirt for sale that said on it, "No verbal conversations, please; I'm a techie."

If you say, "Hello!" and they don't speak, don't forget to say, "Good-bye!" as they pass by.  Works for me.




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