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who buys these type news papers? I remember buying one back in the early 60's. It was primarily couriousity. Back then they were hard to find. Now they are eveywhere. However, I have never seen anyone actually buy one. I'm courious. Why are there so many? Do they exist of sales revenue? advertisements?

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Oh, I like to read the cover headlines while in line at the grocery store....I notice a lot of people do.  I don't feel compelled to part with any of my money to buy a copy, however.

I once worked with an older guy, who along with his wife, subscribed to a couple of those tabloids.  Once in a while, he would bring a big stack of them in to the break room at work.  Thereafter, for several days, the only sound heard in there was the turning of pages.  And yes, I was one of those poring over those dog eared copies.  Apparently, all stigmas were lifted, what with the fact that the newspapers were FREE!  

Free stuff does have it's  allure.

In "Smuggler's Blues"; Is it the Allure of easy money, or the lure of easy money?

I used to like the Weekly World News in the 70's.  It was outrageous on purpose.  Bat Boy, etc.

Sometimes for transcontinental flights I like to get a National Enquirer.  Gossip plus crossword puzzles helps the time pass if there are no interesting people nearby.

Those were fun.  Seems like aliens were procreating all over our planet back then.

Nobody I know buys these things (and I know everyone around here), but they keep disappearing off the stands anyway.

They're like the funny pages. Back when I was working I used to see them in the nurse's break room. Anything to crack a smile was welcome relief.

I used to get the Weekly Reader.

I loved Weekly Reader day at school. That little newspaper was on top of things. It suggested global warming might happen, and had a lot to say about going into outer space. That's all I can remember right now, but I took it all in. Great memory Aggie. Thanks.

I think they're cheap, intentionally ridiculous, disposable trash.

I have considerably lower opinions of people who believe what they read in them.




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