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Back when I was a child I remember my dad having a beer or two every evening.  After talking to some of my friends, I've noticed that most people remember their fathers drinking beer. 

My father use to drink Hamms.  I always wondered why he didn't drink some of the other brands that I'd see advertised on TV.  He'd always let me have a sip or two and I thought it tasted pretty good, but I saw other kids' fathers drinking Budweiser (I wanted him to drink that one because of the Clydesdales) or other types of malt beverage.  I found out later that Hamms was cheaper and my mom felt like if it had to come out of her grocery budget, she was going to get the cheap stuff.

Mom didn't drink beer.

What kind of beer do you remember your dad drinking?  Did anyone's mother drink beer?

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I don't remember what they drank, but they drank quite a lot of it. My mom's 82 and drinks everyday.(she didn't drink daily when I was growing up, but my father, and both step fathers did) When I was home a couple of weeks ago, I took her out for lunch. On the way home she asked me if we could stop at the grocery store. i said sure mom, what do you need. She said 2 boxes of wine, a 30 pack of Natural Light, and a couple 4 packs of mini margaritas. 

I'm sorry I asked.

On the other side. My dad did not drink often. I don't remember what brand of beer. Think Pabts Blue ribbon. He did usually have a bottle of Burbon in the pantry, but only drank when he had company. Usually with some of the males on mom's side of the family.

Here's the thing, He was very hard to get along with. Seemed to be always angry at home. I always had to be very carful to not set him off. Not that he beat me or anything. Just angry. When he had a few drinks he changed into a very happy, jovial person. Especially at family get togethers. He would be the life of the party, but not in a silly way. he never staggered or acted drunk. As a matter of fact he usually was the one who drove for the other guys. Then the next day he was back to being the angry husband/father. My mother didn't drink at all, said every time she tried it, it made her sick. But she never acted like she had a problem with others drinking. Some of my fondest memories are of family get togethers where all the men would be drinking and playing cards or games and telling tall tales. Oh, he also was always pleasent when anyone else was around. I guess, looking back on it he may have disliked being married and having a family. But in the 40's and 50's divorce was not an accepted action. I really don't know. 

Nothing to be sorry about Slim. It is what it is.

That can be said for both recollections. ^^^^

My folks were 'cocktail' people.  All the fancy equipment etc.   My mom was fond of Manhattans and Miller Hi-life. 

I don't recall them  drinking much except one occasion my dad  went trick or treating with Martini glass and some friend.   My mom had to go pick him up and she said he barfed out the window on the way home.

Wasn't Miller High-life "The Champagne of bottled beers"?  I remember that from the commercials.

Yep. Back in the day I used to drink it. I prefer MGD, (Miller Genuine Draft, but it comes in a bottle??) But I can't find it here in FL.

My Dad liked Iron City beer.

My father drank cold beer, my mother never would have a beer but was always taking a sip out of my father's beer.

My Mom was like that too, Aggie, she would have a sip of my Dad's beer but not have one of her own.

My Mom drank gin.  I thought she was crazy, but she loved gin and tonics.  I'd sip Dad's beer from time to time, but one sip of her drink made me hack.  She didn't drink them that often, so I guess she felt like they didn't affect the budget as much as the beer.

I really don't know which I like more, the high energy buzz I get from espresso (I drink a lot of that) or the layed back feeling I get from wine. I guess it depends on the day. Luckily, I can enjoy them both. 




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