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...the earliest smell you can recall.

Was it the smell of your childhood kitchen or the smell of a mothers' hug?   Was it the aftershave your dad used?

Was it the sweet smell of that first love..first kiss?

What scent to this day carries you back full throttle to a special time in the past.


For me....Canoe or Brut....*big sigh...*...hot times in Jr. High.

Chantilly....Jungle Gardenia.  Always, Musk.

I don't remember what my dad wore....probably Allspice..er...Old Spice.!

My mom was not a "girly girl" but I do recall a bottle of "Emerauld" on her dresser.


Pumpkin pie or turkey cooking in the oven.... happy times....peace...fun...home.

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I probably shouldn't even ask, but......any leg lifting?


Now THAT is funny!

I have been told I can achieve lift-off.
I got in some mild trouble when married for lifting the leg to facilitate the gas removing procedure.  It seems that her grandpa also did that, and she thought it was gross.  Sheesh!  How was I to know?
And you, Sir, are also so right!!!!

My dad would blame it on the dog....He'd look over at him and say...."Buddy..."  We didn't fall for that one bit..  Buddy went outside to fart.  He was raised right.

I think it was the scent of the skunks that my GrandPa used to trap.
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My Dad would always say, "Pull my finger!"




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