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...the earliest smell you can recall.

Was it the smell of your childhood kitchen or the smell of a mothers' hug?   Was it the aftershave your dad used?

Was it the sweet smell of that first love..first kiss?

What scent to this day carries you back full throttle to a special time in the past.


For me....Canoe or Brut....*big sigh...*...hot times in Jr. High.

Chantilly....Jungle Gardenia.  Always, Musk.

I don't remember what my dad wore....probably Allspice..er...Old Spice.!

My mom was not a "girly girl" but I do recall a bottle of "Emerauld" on her dresser.


Pumpkin pie or turkey cooking in the oven.... happy times....peace...fun...home.

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Probably two......at opposite ends of the spectrum. I remember the Old Spice after shave Daddy wore, and then the odor of the dairy barn.


The Great Egg Harbor Bay as you enter Ocean City.



The smell of Coppertone meant summer to me as a child, Quinn!

My Mom wore Emeraude too, Jaylee!  My Dad liked Old Spice as well, Bob! 

The aromas of Emeraude and Old Spice will always remind me of my parents.  The smell of fresh-brewed coffee is my first scent memory, though.

Yes, like others here, mom had a special scent of her own, probably lingering clean soap scents, she didn't wear much perfume ... secondly probably was the load in my diapers, I got used to that but the diaper pale was something we all avoided, of course this was the pre- disposable diaper era ... next I'd say my dads cooking, he always cooked breafast on his days off and when we went camping. I also enjoyed the aroma of his coffee and cigarettes, even though I didn't partake yet LOL ....... The piece of resitance, was also the Coppertone, my best memories are still of the family camping at the beach. My mother told me my took me beach camping the first week of my life

I gotta say, it would be my dad's Old Spice after shave.  I don't use any, I might add.


On a somewhat related note.....well, maybe not related at all, come to think of it, but I'll bring it up anyway.


Have you ever noticed that male children, anywhere from the the age of birth, until death as an old man, will laugh when someone farts?  Even a two or three year old boy will laugh, and maybe say, while pointing out the offender...."hahahaha, he fahted".


Would that have something to do with the first odor they can remember, do ya think?

What IS up with that????


I don't know any women that find fart humor funny, but men/boys??? You all think it's the funniest thing ever.

I'll never get that.

Or, the Three Stooges for that matter...

I guess its just a "Brotherhood of Guys" thing.


Its good to be a guy, I'll tell ya.

You are so right!!!!
The Stooges rock!!!!
Are you done now exclamation boy?
I fart AND laugh at myself!!!!!




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