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.......and nobody's posted here in that time.  Come on people, where are the other five of you?  LOL!

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Some are still here......some are still there......:-) See you on the flip flop....
Thank God you're still here.....I thought it might be "the end of the world as we know it"! ;P
I've been in and out all day....
Hi Bob!
hey there, hi there, ho there!!!!
Been a busy day...I finally made it here....where are all of you!!
I met Thally for lunch today, took Happy to the dog park and a whole bunch of other stuff. Start school early in the morning. 7:45 am so I'm going to bed soon. I also snuck over to MA and read about the meetup in NY today.
No reason to sneak to MA. It's one of many places to visit.
It's a great thing to make real friends outside/inside of this internet world...
Here's an example:

Yup, that was a nice meet-up. The breakfast was good, but the company and conversation was even better. Jaylee is the only cyber-person I've talked with in real life, although I did spend about five minutes with Animak last winter. In two weeks, though, I'll be attending Larry Kremis' "Larry-Paloozza" meeting in Middlebury, Indiana, and I look forward to it. If any of you would like to join us, please contact Larry or Kittycat or even me, I guess.
I would love to be there, the 13 hour drive tends to hold me back.
Maybe Larry can schedule one out your way next time....just don't alert the authorities that he's coming into your state.




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