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About ready to break down here.     I am serious folks (for once) and I urgently need your help.     My daughter has almost talked me in to getting a dog......VERY almost.      We tried the dog thing when the girls were younger and ended up with the snottiest lil' creature you ever laid eyes on.     Paid good money for that runt too.      It's now been over ten years since we've had a pet.      And I'm not kidding myself in regards as to "who" is going to do most of the chasing.......that'll be me.     I've gotten her to agree that if we do get a dog, it's going to be a small creature along the lines of a Shih Tzu.     Non-shedding and quaint.      Talk me outta this people.      Tell me everything I need to hear to do the right (smart) thing.      She (my 21 yr. old) wants this so bad that she's even volunteered at our local Humane Society.     She's making me feel guilty, the lil' rat.      Volunteering by a girl that has trouble getting out of bed.     What's up with that ?    HELP ME PLEASE !     

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Uh, so what kind of dog are you gonna get then?
If I cave in, it'll be a Shih Tzu :)
If she's 21 years old, why can't she get her own dog?
Technically d,....this will be her own dog. She's got a few yrs. of university left and still lives at home.
It's already too late ;-)

I got a puppy 7 months ago. I won't bore you with the details other than to say I caved to peer pressure...I adore her and can't remember what it was like before her. I do not regret one minute of her...well, except maybe those midnight walks in the rain and cold :-)

That said...if your daughter wants a "designer" dog she can carry around in a purse, you're doomed to have a diva dog--that's bad!
I'm the one insisting on a small dog Quinn. Small pellets to pick up instead fireplace logs. I'm looking ahead to the days I have to cut the lawn as well :)
Dogs are a lot of work, and a commitment for 10 to 15 years, depending on how long they live. I have two dogs. When we go away, it takes much more planning to see that they are taken care of than it does for all of our cats (inside and outside cats). And training. And attention.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but just so you know what you're getting into...
Thanks for the honest assessment and considerations D.D. I'm not the type to "return the package" if I found it more than I bargained for. Right now I'm "thinking" with my heart. Just wanna be sure that my head's in line with the program too before I take the leap :)
Get a goldendoddle. They are big, but smart. don't shed, are not mean. Mine has never chewed up anything that wasn't his. Has peed in the house only once. when he was only about 9 weeks old and new to us. Whatever you get make sure it is crate trained when you get it. Crate training is the best thing man has come up with since the dawn of petdom.
I just did a search on them ROBBIE. That's a nice looking dog. I never would have thought to look into the crate training thing. That's a good piece of info to have. Thanks :)
Whatever you wind up getting - Consider picking up a shelter or a rescue dog, instead of going to a breeder. A reputable rescue organization will evaluate both the dog and you to determine a good match. Five of our last seven dogs have been shelter dogs, and nothing loves you and appreciates you like an animal that's known bad times. Just my Two Cents.
kudos, Snagg. DM, the number of homeless pets has seen a tragically sharp increase in the last few years of our economic hardships, w/abandoned animals on the rise & adoptions declining. PLEASE adopt from a shelter or rescue organization if you/your daughter chooses to get a dog. And - and I'm not just jerking your chain here - 2 dogs are easier & better than one. Unless you're going to be w/it a lot, and not regularly leaving it for hours at a time, a dog is lonely on its own. It also needs much more exercise at your hand if it doesn't have play time & & the companionship of another dog. They're much happier & not attention starved if they have a dog mate.
On the crating issue, I don't share Robbie's experience. I've had several dogs, have never crate trained any of my own, & have never had issues at all.
In fact, I've inadvertently "uncrate trained" a couple of my foster dogs. ;-p
Which brings me to fostering.... there is a tremendous need for foster homes for dogs. Would you & your daughter consider that? I've been doing it for almost 2 years & it has been so rewarding, and so helpful in getting dogs adopted. Okay, there's my 7 cents worth.




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