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I would love to join some old groups that I belonged to previously.

Can I please joint he sex talk group? I know need an invite. It was a great group my last go around.

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Ning don't let us have sex no more.

Ah, who is this Ning of whom you speak?

But, really?  I was wondering why she didn't just go to the group leader and ask for an invitation.  I didn't realize that there are groups gone kaput like that.  Wonder why they don't just delete them completely?  Which reminds me - I need to go delete an old post that received exactly one reply (mine).  It's just taking up "space".

TBD is a social site on NING.

Below is a quote by our owner EddieDingo:


If you go to click on your favorite group and find that it is inaccessible, it is because there is no moderator for that group.  Most of the groups on this site were abandoned by their creators long ago and there are not enough administrators on this site to monitor a hundred groups.  Therefore, at this year's end, quite a few very good groups have gone into limbo.

If you are interested in restarting one of the topics and being moderator to that group, please contact EddieDingo via personal message.






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