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yeah, even i can hold a fondness. Of course I lost it.  I really wasn't worth a girl like that. So pretty. So soft. So right. I dream of her today even though it was many many years ago. I was just wondering, do any of you dream of, and still miss, the girl/guy you left behind?

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Not any more.

I think "in love" is for kids.  I think what I have now is "deep, wise, affection".  There are a whole lot more facets to relationships once you  reach a certain age.  I sometimes wonder about guys I dated, but I don't dream of them.  There are good reasons those ships didn't last.

I love what I have now.

I'm deeply in love with my wife of 30+ years. But there was one that "got away". I rarely think about her because, #1, it was 40+ years ago, and at the time I thought I "loved" her. #2, I hadn't a clue what love entailed, but  in retrospect I was in more in "lust" than anything else. BUT, back then I had a physical reaction to this girl every time I saw her. No, not that reaction, (well kinda) but my guts would actually tighten up just looking at her. And yes, there was one time that I could have "had" her. She came to me in a isolated part of the plant we worked at, and pretty much let me know I could do anything I wanted. Well, I got so far,(very far) and I stopped. I told her I didn't want her on a steel table in a dark place, but that I wanted her in my bed. Never happened, and I guess it's for the best. 

That's a nice picture.  Is it a painting?  She's probably flattered to be immortalized.

I get it.

I like that picture.  I've got all of that except the dog.


There's a long bittersweet story there somewhere.

You have friends.

I suspect I am there for the first and the last time.




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