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I popped in on TBD this morning at 5:20 a.m. and found my two comments still on the first page. Why is that? I thought by now that all you witty wonders of wordage would have filled page after page with questions, comments, new thoughts, etc,  and that my stuff would be way back in storage somewhere. 

So, this is a challenge. If you've read this far you are probably up to it so don't think about it just pop in here and tell me what's on your mind. The weather, your wife or husband, the deadlines you have to meet, what you're dreaming of, or anything at all. Everyone is waiting.

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Oh yes, absolutely, regarding the leakage.

Easter was a good holiday.  Church was great because of all the new dresses, hats and (of course) white gloves.  You don't see much of that anymore.  My church is in a very small town, so the older folks still dress.  The younger ones wear casual stuff or don't show-up at all.

My Easters as a child were very much like that, Faye!  I loved the new clothes, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, etc.  Did you have the marshmallow Peeps too?

It's funny, I haven't thought of my childhood Easters in a long long time. Perhaps never, until now. But I'd love to hear some more of your favorite memories. I do remember that the girls always got new Easter dresses but the boys never got anything. why is that? 

We had six boys, no girls, in our family.  I recall that as we got a little older, we got new dress up clothes when they were needed.  The littler guys got hand-me-downs.  My mother was somewhat sensitive to a kid's lament about wearing something out of style (Junior High Syndrome?), so we did get new duds periodically.

Lucky you Stir. We had 7 kids in the family. The boys got new clothes once a year and the start of school. Girls got new clothes all year round. Didn't seem right back then and still doesn't now. I asked my mom and she said "Well girls have to do things that boys don't. Boys don't care about clothes. girls do."

Yeah, the older I get, the more I realize we were pretty lucky.  We were no higher than lower middle class, but we really did have a good life.

We were probably also pretty much on that two times a year schedule for clothes.  Sometimes a kid went through a growth spurt, and needed something more often (especially shoes).  

I want to add, purely frivolous requests for clothing were not honored.  "All the other kids are wearing it" was not enough of a reason.  However, we were city kids, and the mom understood we didn't want to wear flannel shirts and sh*tkickin' boots.  When we did go shopping, she allowed us some latitude in our choices.

Oh, I remember, I had just graduated from high school, and I bought a pair light blue "cords", using money I made at my summer job.  They were a lightweight summer trouser (not corduroy) pant, and had no permanent press qualities at all.  My mother said she would not use her time to press such pants, but she did teach me how to iron.  Another one of life's little lessons learned. 

In addition to the frilly dress with the pink organza bow, straw hat and purse, white Maryjanes, white ankle socks with lace trim and little navy cotton coat in case it was chilly; my brothers always got new suits and shoes.

I don't ever remember an egg hunt, but our baskets were hidden throughout the house. My brother would find baskets that weren't his, put candy in his pockets and add that to his basket.

We had dinner at my Dads sisters house. Those were my favorite cousins.
When I was very young I didn't pay much mind to the relationships between my Dad and his siblings, but I remember when my Aunt Mimi died when I was 14 and how distraught my Dad was. It hit me then that she was his favorite sibling...

Quinn, that's what brothers are for. Stealing your Easter candy.

And, piling all of my dollies in the carriage and pushing it down the stairs?

well, you have to admit, it does seem like a fun thing. I'm surprised you didn't do it yourself. And I'm sure your "dollies" had a grand adventure of it.

hey Dodger, that's always been my response to machinery. "If it's screwing up, smash it to bits." Doesnt really help but makes you feel so much better.




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