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It's the first time i've ever failed at anything and it was highly distressing.

Have any of you ever failed a class before?

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I failed Latin I in 10th grade. (my first and only F)  My guidance counselor talked me into taking it again in 11th grade. His rational was that I had already experienced it once, and would grasp the concept the second time around. He was wrong, I failed it two years in a row. 

PS. Michael, I was never good with algebra either, but managed to scrape by the hair of my chinny chin.

I also barely made it.  I wasn't good at school at all, I was just good at making-up excuses.

slim, I have an excuse/reason/rational, too. I tell everyone that Einstein also failed math. I don't know if thats true but it's a rumor that I've heard over the years and it makes me feel better.

I think my grandmother died three times in my freshman year of college.

I failed calculus in my second year of college.  That kind of killed the science route I wanted to go.

Geometry gave me shudders....not in a good way.

I had problem with Geometry also.


I failed P.E. one year.......

I failed 8th grade music. but it wasn't a core course so I didn't have to repete it.

I almost failed high school algebra, just could not understand the concept.  Thank goodness for a devoted algebra teacher who was able to get through to me.

Same here, Goldi!

I just could not get the concept of algebra in the 9th grade.  And I was on the college prep track with A's and B's in everything else (except PE when we did basketball--totally another story).  My dad would sit down with me every night and try to help me and I would cry and not get it.  It went on like that until the end of the first semester when we had the all-city exams.  I went through the whole thing and answered every question and was finished way before anybody else.  I thought I had screwed up so I went through it again and I couldn't find any changes I wanted to make, so I waited until other kids started handing in their papers and I handed mine in too.

When the scores came back, my teacher was shocked to see that I had answered every question correctly.  One other guy in the school had the same score, but everyone expected it of him.  From then on, I understood algebra.  Calculus, though!  And statistics!  Totally clueless.  And then I ended up working for almost 40 years for statisticians.   Go figure~~~

Now I know if I wanted a mental hobby just for the exercise, it could be math.  I just don't get it. I'd only need one book and it would last me the rest of my life.

I avoided all math that wasn't just basic algebra.  I thought I'd like geometry because I knew it was about shapes.  Never did catch on to what those 'theorums' had to do with anything.

And what was the big deal about bisecting an angle?  Why would I even want to do that?




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