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Honey, Does this snout and curly tail make me look fat?

Last week a man in Northern Florida took his girlfriend out camping and accidentally shot her because he mistook her for a hog.

I'm not sure that sending flowers is ever going to make up for that one and in her defense, we women never look our best when we are out in the wilderness and getting into the pioneer spirit. 

Just out of curiosity Guys, how do you respond when your woman asks your opinion of her appearance?  What is the best response to a woman asking if she looks fat in a pair of jeans or if her new haircut makes her face look ugly?

Gals, do you ever ask your man's opinion on your appearance?  Do you expect him to lie or do you want an honest answer?






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Well, I'm really clueless in such matters, but over the years, I have learned a teeny bit of what to say, on occasion.  Sometimes, but not often, a little doublespeak works.  I guess I haven't been too successful (or maybe I have),  I live alone, with no prospects of that changing.  '-0

There is no correct, or acceptable answer to, "Does this dress make look fat?' "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

Seriously though, if a man waits for one of those questions to pop up he's already down by two touchdowns.




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