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Yeah, Robbie's pretty elusive.  I wonder if he's ticking people off at that job of his, and they have him barricaded in his motor home, with no wifi?
Yes, I'm back in Livingston. Yes, I'm still in training to be a host. I find that my brain does not retain information as well as it did 50 years ago. The park is divided into 3 different areas all with different rates, we have daily rates, weekly rates, and a plan where you can pay the daily rate for 15 days and then get 5 days free, but you have to pay in advance , and there are no refunds. Oh you also have to pay for the electric. Which is metered. Unless you are leaving before we open and then you pay a flat rate for the last day. There are additional charges for extra people but that differs depending on which site you chose. Since there are two different corporations involved there are two seperate cash registers and the keys on each do different functions. we sell merchandise and ice and that all has to be rung up according to which corp is selling the merchandise. The accounting is done at a different location so all reports must be sent there.  There are club members and non members who stay at the park and all the rates are different. The cash registers are programed differently so you have to remember which one you are one at any given time. You jump back and forth depending on where the customer is staying.This is not all but I won't go into it anymore. You sometimes have people lined up checking in and leaving, some plans require payment in advance, some require payment at the end of the stay. Others are sites that people lease long term and they pay only electric except when they renew the lease. The manager who is training us is also standing in the office asking and answering questions. I suffer from CRS so it is somewhat stressfull.
Are you allowed to arm protect yourself? Some of those old ladies are ticking time bombs, ya know...
Sheesh!  That sounds like when I worked weekends at the local lighthouse one summer.  Way too much stuff to learn.

Well.... it's about time you showed up, Robbie! 

Kooner, tx for bumping this thread back up. '-)

Robbie, good to hear from you & get caught up. I'm sure you're doing just fine on the job.

I started a new job several months ago in a totally new atmosphere for me, and I'm STILL learning the lingo, culture, products, benefits, etc., etc.,etc. 

AND.... it's in a 360,000 sq ft building! I STILL get lost!! :-P

I should work there, I would devote a different personality to each corporation so there would never be any crossover.

Seriously, that sounds so confusing, I think my eyes are rolling back in my head.

I love my job...I love my job...right click...left click...right click...occasionally hit "print".  :-D




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