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What happened to that smooth beautiful back that I had 15 years ago?  It's covered with spots and stuff.  I really should have that checked.

Have you had a skin check?

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Only to the extent that its checked in an annual physical. 

As for my back,  nobody has my back, when it comes to checking out my back.

Nobody is watching my back.

But do they watch your front???

Only when I have a sack of range cubes.

I'm watchin' a back.......but it ain't mine.

I think my back is very attractive. Of course I can't see it to know for sure. My head faces the front.

Do you think anyone would notice if I wore a turtleneck over my swimsuit this year?

Naw.....as long as the bumps in the shirt are in the right place.

They're still there.  A little lower than they used to be.

Yep. You're not alone Slim.




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