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I heard on the news the government has required birth control pills to be free now without any co-pay. Anybody rushing out the get your free pills. Will Viagra be free also?

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I don't need the free pills but I sure wish there would have been help through my insurance all the years I paid out of my pocket for them. Besides....Viagra is already covered by insurance...which is complete bulls**t, why support the part that will make a baby but not the part to prevent it. 

~shaking my head~

Hear! Hear!

For sure!

Since you are an Aggie, I will ignore your totally inappropriate comparison of birth control to Viagra.  I always thought that it is the women that should be getting the pleasure enhancing drug as far as sex goes.  It has become obvious to me that men have no trouble enjoying sex...they have even started wars over it.  Perhaps if a woman's experience was equally as intense, the discomforts and the (sometimes serious and permanent ) side effects of birth control would be worth the risk.

I've heard rumors that sex is fun, but I've heard it is funner if you are a man.

Well....Miss Dingo, for once I'm at a loss for words.

That might be a good topic for a thread.  Too bad we don't have an active sex group anymore.

Are male orgasms more intense than female orgasms?  I believe they must be.

As for you Aggie...see you Saturday?

I have never been a female so I do not know if male organs are more intense than female organs.  Dingo, I still plan on seeing a you on Saturday for as long as you can stand an Aggie without a K.

I'll let you know which is the most intense if I ever have a sex change operation.

*shaking head in dismay at what a tumble this thread is.....*

Does Viagra prevent conception?   Just wondering.....

Only if you........oh, never mind.

I was going to comment about the birth control thing, but after the turn this thread has taken, I think I'll just sit back and see where this goes.

Move over....I'm gonna watch too.




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