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I'm just curious about how many people come on tbd but don't respond so will everyone please pop in and say hello. i'll be waiting for you.

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Hi all, just checking in! Another busy day today, but that's good.
Greetings to you too, B A F!
And 23 hours later, Greetings.
BAF, Got the skis out yet?
Chez, Haven't seen you in the welcome lounge lately.
Goldielocks, George, are you ready for winter? You could always head for FL.
Aggie, Do Kolaches go with beer?
Linda Q, I'm on my way back to Colorado. Maybe you, I and Anthony can meet while I'm there.
Hi Robbie! I never before considered going to Florida for the winter, but after this past winter, it sounds pretty good!
Safe trip to you and Happy!
Kolaches go with everything.....I could use one right now along with a cup of coffee.
Guess RRC got her coffee cause she was awake this afternoon when I showed up.
I'm here. I post on the Wall of Gratitude just about every day, but I don't often have the time to hang out.
Semi-retirement is hard work.




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