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I'm just curious about how many people come on tbd but don't respond so will everyone please pop in and say hello. i'll be waiting for you.

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OK, I'm here.
I'm not here, you never saw me. Capice?
Just checking in!!
I'm here for just a short time....
I just wandered in.
I'm here, Michael.
Just checkin' in. Hello!
I'm here, but I was absent yesterday. I have a note, signed...

*Thanks for thinking of us, Michael. I'm glad to see who's passing through.*
I'm here. I try to check in once a day.
I'm here but trying not to be.
I'm housebound and H*A*T*E it. Even the internet doesn't interest me anymore, nor reading or anything at all. Just watchin the clock tick, waiting for my time
Hey scooter, watchin' the clock tick eh? Kind'a like being in school waiting for the bell to ring for break. So what are you gonna do on break? Any exciting plans?




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