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Pru is a mother again on Thursday! 25 pound 8 ounce girl. At her side are Cowgirl, Wendy and Sandy. She is registored at M-G Feed.

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Here you are, d's.


Cheers! (Click Me)

perfect, Goldi - thanks!



...where's Aggie? 

probably busy w/that calf.

You're welcome, d's girl!

I think Aggie's computer must still be broken.  And yes, he's probably busy with the new calf.

Pru and Pru Jr are both doing, but my laptop is still being held hostage by Asian Laptop Company authorized repair center.  I have been down since 2/2/2011.
Thank you, d's girl!  Come on down to the Tomball German Heritage Festival this weekend and I will buy you some German beer.
This is a deceptive post...showering with Pru  is such a lead on.....I bet your cow is really offended.  She might need therapy to get past this.
Nothing a few range cubes will not fix.
Two day old photo of Pru Jr.  Is she cute?

Very sweet Aggie, But I kinda remeber her looking...


like this.

Sorry, Pru Jr is the new heifer on the ranch.  My first spring born calf.




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