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Pru is a mother again on Thursday! 25 pound 8 ounce girl. At her side are Cowgirl, Wendy and Sandy. She is registored at M-G Feed.

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Yeah, I know Aggie. I was just was feeling a little nostalgic.
Oh, my gosh!! She's beauuuutiful!!!!!!!
I have to admit all three Pru's are cute.  But only one wears a hat.
Pru Jr. is so cute!  Thanks for posting this, Aggie!
I am having trouble uploading Pru Juniors photo of her nursing.  TBD may have a nudity thing.
I don't know why....moderators are no where to be found....Go for it!!!
I have been trying for 2 nights.

Third night worked, must have gotten past night watchman.





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