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Do you think Larry is coming to Texas to buy velcro shoes?

It is tax free weekend in Texas. I figure we will be invaded by people buying underwear, velcro shoes and size 36 pants.

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Yep, Robbie... We'll wear anything that looks good... :)
Robbie, I think Pru has the answer to that question.
Ooops, I bet I find out when I get back down there.

I think Pru does have the answer to that question!!! Robbie will definitely hear about it from Pru!!! LOL


Pointed toe boots are great for getting that roach in the corner.
LOL Aggie! I missed the tax free day. Damnit!
Reply by CWO3ROBBIE 14 hours ago
I've never understood why anyone would want to wear pointy toed shoes unless they were intending to put thier feet in stirrups. Most cowboy boots today have walking heels. What is the reason for the pointy toes?


Actually 'pointy toes" originated with the Spanish......simply cause they slip into a stirrup quicker and easeier than a square or round toe. (they're handy in a fight too...will inflict mucho pain in the crotch of an adversary)
In Western stores you will find a good selection high heeled boots "dogging heels" and walking heels usually on the 'roper' style boot. I've always preferred a slightly rounded toe....leave the sharp toes to the tourists.

Anytime, Ma'am....

....oh, and one more thing......a high-heeled boot is less likely to slip out of a stirrup. Made for riding, not walking.




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